Loan No Interest: Getting a Quick Online Loan to Salary

If you are looking to get a lucrative online loan, surely a very good option is so. fast credit without interest . What is he in Bulgaria? Further illustration at

This is a kind of interest-free loan to pay , which is very easy and fast for small amounts – 200, 500, up to 1000 leva. If you can repay the loan within a specified period (15 or 30 days), the credit is 0% interest for you. Ie. you are returning as much money as you downloaded at the beginning.

In Bulgaria it is very well known as the first loan without interest.

This type of credit is a popular service in our country. These are urgent money , made available in the fastest and easiest way, covering urgent needs, unforeseen costs or used for bargain purchases.

Popular Companies for Fast Online Loans

Popular Companies for Fast Online Loans

The cost of this service is even higher. The pursuit of some leading financial services companies is to make quick loans available to most people in need.One of the biggest drawbacks of fast credit is the high interest rate that is accrued for the time they are used. Application and lending fees, loan costs, additional costs, opening and maintenance fees, commissions, are costing faster loans.

That is why there are financial companies that lend fast loans on extremely favorable terms – free of interest, free of charge, without any cost, free of charge.

If we make an economic analysis of this kind of fast, unsecured loans, we see that we would rather win, because we are returning just as much money as we have, and at the same time we have done our job, we have used the money for the purpose for which we have drawn them the right moment.

The only condition we must comply with is to return the money on time, within the time required. We recommend this kind of loan and we will introduce you to the offers of some companies offering loans without interest.

Companies that offer an interest-free loan online

VIVUS – part of an international financial company working in 15 countries.

  • Every first loan is completely free – no interest, no fees, no cost – up to 350 BGN, repayment term up to 30 days.
  • Complete online application, no need for office visits.
  • First loan without interest to pay without guarantors and guarantors.
  • Conditions for granting credits: At the age of 19, providing the requested information, you must meet minimum credit requirements.
  • Approval for up to 15 minutes , there is an opportunity for your credit application to be processed quickly, you get the full amount of credit immediately.
  • No fees, no hidden conditions, no early repayment fees.
  • Ways to repay the loan – by bank transfer, Easy Way or Cashier.
  • You are always aware of the movement of the loan, you have information about the company’s current offers and promotional offers.
  • Working hours of the company – 7 days a week, weekends and public holidays.

CREDISIMO – stable company for clear and affordable loans.

  • Loan with 0% interest , 0 BGN Fees for each first and seventh loan up to 600 BGN, returned within 15 days.
  • Online application, approval within 7 minutes, you get the money immediately in your preferred way – by bank or cashier.
  • Your credit request is completely free, it does not bind you anything, you can always opt out.
  • Guaranteed security, minimum documents, easy application.
  • Conditions for release – 18 years of age and proven own income.
  • On the territory of the whole country, no weekends.
  • No guarantors are required, no betting on property, you only need to specify a contact person with an up-to-date number.
  • By phone, site or via chat form you are always aware of your credit.

SMILE CREDIT – a leading company with traditions and principles.

  • Every first credit up to $ 1,500 a month – no interest and no fees, you return as much as you’ve taken.
  • No collateral, pledge or mortgage is required, you should not look for guarantors.
  • You are required to work and earn income.
  • Without fees and commissions, the approval is up to 20 minutes.
  • You get the money right away by bank transfer or cashier at Easypay , you return in the same way.
  • A wholly online company registered with the BNB, an administrator of personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act.

FERATUM – Flexible conditions, 24-hour working hours.

  • First loan without interest to salary, 0% interest for first loan up to 700 BGN , payable up to 15 days, repaid once.
  • Money to minutes with no hidden fees, you can send an online credit request at any time.
  • Application conditions – Bulgarian citizens with permanent address registration and incomes with a pure credit history and age from 19 to 70 years.
  • A loan guarantor is required – a natural person meeting certain conditions or a partner bank of the company.
  • Website:

QUICK CARD – quickly and easily, only against ID card.

  • 0% interest on each first loan from 50 to 700 BGN, returned from 5 to 15 days.
  • Minimum documents, competent and correct service.
  • Conditions for granting – permanent residents of the country between 21 and 70 years with own income and address registration.
  • Getting a no-interest-to-pay credit with a response of up to 5 minutes, without strain and effort.
  • It is necessary to indicate a guarantor, a natural person meeting certain conditions or a bank guarantee (free of charge)

CREDIT GROUP – a company with history and a wide network of partner offices.

  • Credit 0% interest on every first loan from 100 to 500 BGN, repaid up to 21 days.
  • Absorption by hour.
  • There are no fees and commissions.
  • Convenient ways to repay the loan – via bank transfer, through EasyPay, Cash, in a partner office or office of the company.
  • If you become a regular customer, you benefit from favorable terms, discounts and discounts.

NET CREDIT – a loyal company with a reputation on the Bulgarian market.

  • First credit up to $ 500 , returned within 30 days is 0% interest.
  • Convenient application, approval within minutes, the money you get today.
  • No hidden interest and charges.

MICROCREDIT – a successful and fast-growing company, on profitable terms – credit CrediGo:

  • Interest free will be the credit if you return it within 30 days.
  • Choose a size of 600 to 3000 BGN.
  • Required documents – ID card.
  • No collateral, no guarantors.
  • Getting a loan without interest to a salary, applying online, by phone or at a company office .
  • You get the money right after approval.
  • Way of receiving and returning money only by bank transfer.

MINI LOAN – the right company with a policy of constantly reducing the cost of fast loans and an individual approach to clients.

  • For new borrowers fast credit to pay up to 15 days with 0% increase, up to 500 leva.
  • Grant without hidden interest and conditions.
  • Consideration of the loan request is up to 30 minutes, application and signing of the contract – entirely online, without visiting an office, you have the money in an hour.
  • Conditions for disbursement – citizens who live permanently in our country with incomes up to 18 years of age.
  • You can borrow even if you have another active company, provided it is only serviced.

LUCKY CREDIT – a flexible company ready to help you in a difficult financial moment.

  • 0% interest on credit up to 300 BGN returned for 30 days.
  • First loan without interest to pay with minimum amount of documents – only ID card, maximum service, approval up to 10 minutes.
  • Applying by phone, online, on-site to partners of the company.
  • A loan guarantor is required, a natural person or a partner of the company.

Consolidation Credit Purchase – Easy Credits Loan

 The gendarmes enjoy the status of civil servant in the same way as the military, and like the military , they can of course ask for a repurchase of official credit . French armed forces officials may sometimes be subject to poorly indebtedness due to loan payments that are too high.

Job security and income stability are perceived very positively by the financial organizations, despite the fact that the gendarme practices a profession considered to be at risk. The granting conditions are truly more flexible and much better than other types of borrowers.

Significantly lowering your monthly payments is the ultimate goal of a credit consolidation. The fall in the amount of your monthly installments is due to the renegotiation of your debt ratio and the repayment term. You increase a little more each month your purchasing power but over a longer period.

The extension of this duration is beneficial to you because you gradually find the budget that suits you. The restructuring of your debts is also recommended in the event of over-indebtedness and represents an alternative to the debt distress commission of the Banque de France.

Lastly, it is very common for gendarmes to be housed by the State free of charge or to benefit from rented office accommodation at extremely advantageous rates. It is not excluded that your situation changes over time. Accident, transfer, change of career, etc … any event can intervene at any time, and to be lodging free, even by the State, does not constitute a real guarantee for a lending organization.

However, the organization looks at your income and the composition of your home, so as to be as realistic as possible in the allocation of a new credit perfectly suited to your situation.


Advantages of the purchase of credits policeman

Advantages of the purchase of credits policeman


Gendarmes like the military, the police and even the firefighters can easily buy back their credits . Thanks to their status as civil servants, financial institutions lend much more easily and their files are always studied favorably even if the risks incurred in the course of their duties oblige banks to introduce certain clauses.

Gendarmes who have several claims have every interest in grouping them into one credit. If you rent a company housing or are housed free of charge, the purchase of credit gendarme may be the opportunity to realize your project to invest in real estate.

And if you are a homeowner, it is possible to include your home loan in the global loan buyback, which greatly simplifies the management of your repayments. This is an opportunity to rebalance end of the month that became difficult.

But whether you are a landlord or a tenant , the loan buyback systematically reduces your monthly payment over time and you gradually take control of your family budget. This is really the best way to clean up your finances. Renegotiating your debt ratio allows you to find a life without stress but also a better purchasing power.

Do not hesitate and ask for a study of your financial situation on our site. The process is totally free and without commitment. Perfectly trained to the particularities of the gendarmes borrowers, the advisers will guide you towards the most economical financing plan for you.


How Much Real Estate Is Being Held By Banks? Debt Consolidation

In most banks, real estate accounts for most of the value in the collateral for loans. Even the value of real estate is much higher than the loan balance.

  • How did lending rates at banks gradually increase?

After having a mechanism to seize and auction assets to ensure bad debts, many banks said they would soon handle and recover these debts. The reason comes from the fact that most loans at banks have much higher collateral value than loans.

Which bank has the most mortgage assets?

Which bank has the most mortgage assets?

Currently, although not the bank with the largest loan balance in the system, Vietinbank owns a guaranteed asset block for the most valuable loans.

Specifically, the asset being pledged at this bank is worth more than VND 1.74 million, double the bank’s current loan balance of VND 867,600 billion. More than 55% of which is value coming from real estate. Only the guaranteed asset value of this real estate has reached 961,000 billion, much higher than the current loan balance.

How much real estate is being held by banks?

Similarly, at BIDV and Vietcombank, secured assets are also much higher value than existing loans at banks.

Specifically, by the end of June, Vietcombank is lending customers more than VND 606,000 billion. In return, this bank holds secured assets worth VND 873,700 billion, 1.44 times higher. In which, 60% of collateral value comes from real estate, the rest are assets such as factories, machines and goods of mortgage companies at banks.

At BIDV, with the largest outstanding loan of commercial banking system, up to 929,200 billion dong, this bank is accepting pledged assets worth over 1.2 million billion dong (in early 2018). ), 60% of these are real estate.

According to, most banks currently maintain the value of collateral assets being under 60% of the total value of collateral assets. However, there are still some banks that have this rate at a very high level.

As in ACB, real estate currently accounts for 89% of the total value of collateral assets at banks. While the bank’s loan balance is currently VND 221,800 billion, the value of mortgaged real estate has reached 1.64 times (over VND 363,600 billion).

Kienlongbank also holds a handful of assets to ensure mainly real estate. Currently, this bank has a loan balance of about VND 27,300 billion, the guaranteed asset value for this loan balance is VND 48,500 billion, of which real estate accounts for 81%.

Or as in Sacombank, the bank is having a series of sale of real estate worth trillions of dong, currently also has 352,000 billion dong of real estate value, out of a total of 462,000 billion dong of collateral. Only the real estate pledged at this bank was 1.43 times higher than the total loan balance.

Asset value higher than outstanding loans is one of Sacombank’s advantages in overcoming and handling bad debts by selling assets. Most recently, the bank offered to sell a series of real estate worth over VND 20,000 billion. Since the beginning of the year, this bank has offered to sell over 30,000 billion dong of pledged properties.

Sell ​​real estate to handle debt

Sell ​​real estate to handle debt

In addition to Sacombank, many other banks have recently offered to sell secured assets to handle and recover bad debts such as Vietinbank, BIDV, Agribank or even VAMC … Especially, most of the properties offered for sale are value real estate lot.

At the end of the first quarter, VAMC also held a auction of Saigon One Tower with a starting price of over VND 6,000 billion. Information from VAMC also revealed that many large real estate projects are being mortgaged at the company and will take into account the possibility of public auction to handle and recover the debts attached. Among these properties are many large projects in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Specifically, in Hanoi, many “golden land” areas are pledged at VAMC such as the entire area of ​​the second floor, E1 apartment, Chelsea Park in Yen Hoa urban area (Cau Giay); 15-storey building on an area of ​​3,426 m3 in Lot CT-08C, Viet Hung New Urban Area (Long Bien). Or the whole project of Tran Thai Tong Skyview in Lot C, land lot D4 Cau Giay new urban area; All apartments have not been sold at CT 104 building, CT1 area, Usilk City project are also pledged at VAMC.

In Ho Chi Minh City, VAMC is also accepting mortgages of many land use rights and unfinished real estate projects such as the New Pearl apartment project at 192 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia (district 3); nearly 20,000 m2 of land for construction of BMC high-class apartment and villas project – Hung Long; Hung Dien commercial and residential center project (district 8); PetroVietnam Landmark project (District 2) …

In addition, many notable projects are also mortgaged in whole or in part such as Residential 584 Tan Kien, Binh Chanh (mortgage over 600 apartments); Thai Binh Plaza apartment, District 2 (mortgage of 141 apartments); 584 Lilama SHB Plaza project in Go Vap district (mortgage of 724 apartments) …

Banks raise deposit rates to attract customer deposits

Banks raise deposit rates to attract customer deposits

Over the past 2 months, many banks have raised deposit rates to attract customer deposits. Are there any factors that have put pressure on interest rates in the past time as well as for the upcoming period?

Banks raise deposit rates to attract customer deposits

Bank deposit channel is no longer attractive?

Bank deposit channel is no longer attractive?

The first is the recent macroeconomic factors that show signs of volatility, which have a significant impact on the sentiment of depositors. The first is still the story of inflation, which is an indicator of the value of money and forecasts for the future. If inflation is too high, it means that the currency is depreciating and putting pressure on interest rates to help stabilize the monetary value. Statistics show that the consumer price index in August has continued to increase strongly by 0.45% over the previous month, accordingly, compared to the same period, it has increased to 3.98%, close to the target of 4%.

Inflation escalated again, making the bank deposit channel with interest rates at the same time become less attractive to depositors. Because with rising inflation, if the nominal interest rate stays the same, the real interest rate that customers receive will decrease. Given the prospect of oil prices going up and domestic food and food prices may fluctuate strongly during the flood and storm season, inflation in the rest of this year is under considerable pressure.

In addition, in the period of July and August, the domestic exchange rate has continuously climbed, the dong has been depreciated against the USD in the context of the monetary crisis in many economies and the dollar has risen sharply. in the international market. This makes the holding of dong more or less affected by the exchange rate, so many customers have recently moved to hold foreign currencies back.

Not only are the psychological factors affected by inflation and exchange rates, but with the stock market and securities market having a strong adjustment period from the end of the second quarter to the third quarter, many investors can Withdraw money from banks to return to these 2 investment channels, with the expectation that the market will recover soon. The fact that the stock market has recently had good recovery steps has helped many stocks rise to several tens of percent since the previous lowest level.

With the amount of deposits affected by the above factors, the liquidity of the system in general and some banks in particular have been affected, especially in addition to the State Bank’s recent withdrawal of tens of thousands. VND billion out of the system through selling foreign currency to stabilize the foreign exchange market.

The liquidity tension leads to the interbank interest rate from the previous low level, which has risen to 4-5%, making the cost of borrowing in the market 2 – 3 times higher. Therefore, some banks which depend on capital on the market 2 can actively increase interest rates in the market 1 to attract customers’ deposits with longer terms, instead of having to borrow on the market. School 2 with the same high interest rate but much shorter tenor.

Prepare for the future

Meanwhile, the liquidity pressure on the system may continue to increase when it is getting closer to the fourth quarter, when the demand for payment, production and import of goods often increases sharply to prepare for the season. peak consumption at the end of the year. Therefore, many banks can actively increase interest rates to maintain capital as well as attract new deposits, ensuring to meet liquidity needs for this period.

It is noteworthy that from the beginning of 2019, the ceiling rate of using short-term capital for medium and long term loans will continue to decrease from 45% to only 40%. It is important to know that the current medium and long-term capital source is based on the remaining term, so the medium and long-term capital of banks will tend to decrease gradually. months.

Specifically, for 12- and 13-month term deposits according to the contract, after 1-2 months the deposit amount will become short-term capital source because of the remaining term of less than 1 year, thus reducing the rate rate of using short-term capital for medium and long-term loans of the unit, because the medium and long-term loans of banks currently account for a large proportion of consumer loans, buying houses, investing in real estate projects, factories, machinery, infrastructure projects, … with a term of several years to several decades, so when calculating the remaining term, even after a few months or even a few years is still considered a loan medium and long term.

Therefore, the pressure to maintain long-term capital sources of banks is always continuous, permanent and long-term. In case it is impossible to maintain the medium and long-term capital, banks must always strengthen and boost short-term capital to ensure this ratio does not exceed the prescribed level.

And in the context of the pressure of deposit, some banks began to adjust interest rates, while other banks previously issued long-term bonds and certificates with High interest rates to strengthen long-term capital sources, causing the amount of deposits at other credit institutions to be withdrawn will inevitably lead to the following moves to increase interest rates of these banks to ensure the level of competition . And if the pressures continue to increase, then the spiral of interest rate racing will not be finished soon.

Yes Credit Loans; Car and Bank Loans


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Because of this behavior, it is really easy to get into the situation, even at such a low interest rate. The application will be sent immediately and the decision will be made soon to you – sometimes in less than 4 minutes. A proposal for a minirite should be exempted from the visit fee as a supermarket supporter in a supermarket. Ferratum has a long-term experience as a fast lender, seeing my first teacher salary and looking for additional information on debt advice on the website. The opening of the Suvevolle Gallery season brought 12 of its favorites. The loan amount is personal and only issued by the borrower’s own. The annual percentage rate of charge for consumer credit under the loan agreement will depend on you taking a loan, for example, to increase Vivus’s first loan to one per cent per annum in future.

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More news USEFUL AND LOAN REQUIREMENTS to make sure that the loan terms are right for you.


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Payday Loans- Easy Credit Purchase

 When you retire or approach retirement, it is important to manage the decline in income following the end of your professional activity. The repurchase of credit dedicated to the retirees offers solutions adapted to your new situation and makes it possible to group your loans in order to increase your purchasing power.

Indeed, life expectancy continues to grow and it is no longer a fatality to enter the age group of seniors. On the contrary, retirement represents a tremendous liberation, you now have all the time in front of you to realize the projects that you could not concretize while being in activity.

Travel, leisure, new projects, retirement is truly a new beginning for seniors, free of any commitment. Traditional banks may be reluctant to concede money after 50 years and the loan buyback designed specifically for retirees becomes the ideal solution to adjust your monthly payments to your new level of income.

This financial transaction effectively consists of consolidating all of your existing loans in order to respond to excessive debt. You have only one loan to repay that comes in a monthly payment also unique. The amount of the repayment is better adapted to your resources and although the repayment period is lengthened, the total cost of the new credit is certainly higher, but that of the monthly installments becomes much easier to bear. The decline ultimately depends on the remaining term of the loans purchased.

Benefits of Retirement Loan Repurchase

Benefits of Retirement Loan Repurchase

The retired grouping of credit concerns both owners and tenants . This process includes all your loans, whatever their nature. Your loans are grouped into a single loan that you repay each month to a lighter amount with a much better fixed interest rate. Your monthly charge is thus reduced and the management of your budget is optimized.

This gives you a clearer view of your bank account that automatically becomes more manageable. Your financial situation is sanitized and your purchasing power becomes more important. The worries of money are no longer relevant and you are free to enjoy your retirement.

Monthly charges thus reduced, you release more margin for leisure. Your professional activity did not allow you to go to the other side of the world and now that you have time, you can finally become the globetrotter that you have always dreamed of being. Loan buyback allows you to benefit your children and grandchildren from the cash reserve you have been able to obtain, especially since the retired loan buyback can be granted until the age of 95. You can finally live every day without counting and catch up with those long years of hard work.

If you find yourself in this situation, do not hesitate and ask for your study of credit redemption on our site. A financial advisor is in charge of negotiating the offer best adapted to your needs.