Loan No Interest: Getting a Quick Online Loan to Salary

If you are looking to get a lucrative online loan, surely a very good option is so. fast credit without interest . What is he in Bulgaria? Further illustration at

This is a kind of interest-free loan to pay , which is very easy and fast for small amounts – 200, 500, up to 1000 leva. If you can repay the loan within a specified period (15 or 30 days), the credit is 0% interest for you. Ie. you are returning as much money as you downloaded at the beginning.

In Bulgaria it is very well known as the first loan without interest.

This type of credit is a popular service in our country. These are urgent money , made available in the fastest and easiest way, covering urgent needs, unforeseen costs or used for bargain purchases.

Popular Companies for Fast Online Loans

Popular Companies for Fast Online Loans

The cost of this service is even higher. The pursuit of some leading financial services companies is to make quick loans available to most people in need.One of the biggest drawbacks of fast credit is the high interest rate that is accrued for the time they are used. Application and lending fees, loan costs, additional costs, opening and maintenance fees, commissions, are costing faster loans.

That is why there are financial companies that lend fast loans on extremely favorable terms – free of interest, free of charge, without any cost, free of charge.

If we make an economic analysis of this kind of fast, unsecured loans, we see that we would rather win, because we are returning just as much money as we have, and at the same time we have done our job, we have used the money for the purpose for which we have drawn them the right moment.

The only condition we must comply with is to return the money on time, within the time required. We recommend this kind of loan and we will introduce you to the offers of some companies offering loans without interest.

Companies that offer an interest-free loan online

VIVUS – part of an international financial company working in 15 countries.

  • Every first loan is completely free – no interest, no fees, no cost – up to 350 BGN, repayment term up to 30 days.
  • Complete online application, no need for office visits.
  • First loan without interest to pay without guarantors and guarantors.
  • Conditions for granting credits: At the age of 19, providing the requested information, you must meet minimum credit requirements.
  • Approval for up to 15 minutes , there is an opportunity for your credit application to be processed quickly, you get the full amount of credit immediately.
  • No fees, no hidden conditions, no early repayment fees.
  • Ways to repay the loan – by bank transfer, Easy Way or Cashier.
  • You are always aware of the movement of the loan, you have information about the company’s current offers and promotional offers.
  • Working hours of the company – 7 days a week, weekends and public holidays.

CREDISIMO – stable company for clear and affordable loans.

  • Loan with 0% interest , 0 BGN Fees for each first and seventh loan up to 600 BGN, returned within 15 days.
  • Online application, approval within 7 minutes, you get the money immediately in your preferred way – by bank or cashier.
  • Your credit request is completely free, it does not bind you anything, you can always opt out.
  • Guaranteed security, minimum documents, easy application.
  • Conditions for release – 18 years of age and proven own income.
  • On the territory of the whole country, no weekends.
  • No guarantors are required, no betting on property, you only need to specify a contact person with an up-to-date number.
  • By phone, site or via chat form you are always aware of your credit.

SMILE CREDIT – a leading company with traditions and principles.

  • Every first credit up to $ 1,500 a month – no interest and no fees, you return as much as you’ve taken.
  • No collateral, pledge or mortgage is required, you should not look for guarantors.
  • You are required to work and earn income.
  • Without fees and commissions, the approval is up to 20 minutes.
  • You get the money right away by bank transfer or cashier at Easypay , you return in the same way.
  • A wholly online company registered with the BNB, an administrator of personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act.

FERATUM – Flexible conditions, 24-hour working hours.

  • First loan without interest to salary, 0% interest for first loan up to 700 BGN , payable up to 15 days, repaid once.
  • Money to minutes with no hidden fees, you can send an online credit request at any time.
  • Application conditions – Bulgarian citizens with permanent address registration and incomes with a pure credit history and age from 19 to 70 years.
  • A loan guarantor is required – a natural person meeting certain conditions or a partner bank of the company.
  • Website:

QUICK CARD – quickly and easily, only against ID card.

  • 0% interest on each first loan from 50 to 700 BGN, returned from 5 to 15 days.
  • Minimum documents, competent and correct service.
  • Conditions for granting – permanent residents of the country between 21 and 70 years with own income and address registration.
  • Getting a no-interest-to-pay credit with a response of up to 5 minutes, without strain and effort.
  • It is necessary to indicate a guarantor, a natural person meeting certain conditions or a bank guarantee (free of charge)

CREDIT GROUP – a company with history and a wide network of partner offices.

  • Credit 0% interest on every first loan from 100 to 500 BGN, repaid up to 21 days.
  • Absorption by hour.
  • There are no fees and commissions.
  • Convenient ways to repay the loan – via bank transfer, through EasyPay, Cash, in a partner office or office of the company.
  • If you become a regular customer, you benefit from favorable terms, discounts and discounts.

NET CREDIT – a loyal company with a reputation on the Bulgarian market.

  • First credit up to $ 500 , returned within 30 days is 0% interest.
  • Convenient application, approval within minutes, the money you get today.
  • No hidden interest and charges.

MICROCREDIT – a successful and fast-growing company, on profitable terms – credit CrediGo:

  • Interest free will be the credit if you return it within 30 days.
  • Choose a size of 600 to 3000 BGN.
  • Required documents – ID card.
  • No collateral, no guarantors.
  • Getting a loan without interest to a salary, applying online, by phone or at a company office .
  • You get the money right after approval.
  • Way of receiving and returning money only by bank transfer.

MINI LOAN – the right company with a policy of constantly reducing the cost of fast loans and an individual approach to clients.

  • For new borrowers fast credit to pay up to 15 days with 0% increase, up to 500 leva.
  • Grant without hidden interest and conditions.
  • Consideration of the loan request is up to 30 minutes, application and signing of the contract – entirely online, without visiting an office, you have the money in an hour.
  • Conditions for disbursement – citizens who live permanently in our country with incomes up to 18 years of age.
  • You can borrow even if you have another active company, provided it is only serviced.

LUCKY CREDIT – a flexible company ready to help you in a difficult financial moment.

  • 0% interest on credit up to 300 BGN returned for 30 days.
  • First loan without interest to pay with minimum amount of documents – only ID card, maximum service, approval up to 10 minutes.
  • Applying by phone, online, on-site to partners of the company.
  • A loan guarantor is required, a natural person or a partner of the company.

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