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 When you retire or approach retirement, it is important to manage the decline in income following the end of your professional activity. The repurchase of credit dedicated to the retirees offers solutions adapted to your new situation and makes it possible to group your loans in order to increase your purchasing power.

Indeed, life expectancy continues to grow and it is no longer a fatality to enter the age group of seniors. On the contrary, retirement represents a tremendous liberation, you now have all the time in front of you to realize the projects that you could not concretize while being in activity.

Travel, leisure, new projects, retirement is truly a new beginning for seniors, free of any commitment. Traditional banks may be reluctant to concede money after 50 years and the loan buyback designed specifically for retirees becomes the ideal solution to adjust your monthly payments to your new level of income.

This financial transaction effectively consists of consolidating all of your existing loans in order to respond to excessive debt. You have only one loan to repay that comes in a monthly payment also unique. The amount of the repayment is better adapted to your resources and although the repayment period is lengthened, the total cost of the new credit is certainly higher, but that of the monthly installments becomes much easier to bear. The decline ultimately depends on the remaining term of the loans purchased.


Benefits of Retirement Loan Repurchase

Benefits of Retirement Loan Repurchase



The retired grouping of credit concerns both owners and tenants . This process includes all your loans, whatever their nature. Your loans are grouped into a single loan that you repay each month to a lighter amount with a much better fixed interest rate. Your monthly charge is thus reduced and the management of your budget is optimized.

This gives you a clearer view of your bank account that automatically becomes more manageable. Your financial situation is sanitized and your purchasing power becomes more important. The worries of money are no longer relevant and you are free to enjoy your retirement.

Monthly charges thus reduced, you release more margin for leisure. Your professional activity did not allow you to go to the other side of the world and now that you have time, you can finally become the globetrotter that you have always dreamed of being. Loan buyback allows you to benefit your children and grandchildren from the cash reserve you have been able to obtain, especially since the retired loan buyback can be granted until the age of 95. You can finally live every day without counting and catch up with those long years of hard work.

If you find yourself in this situation, do not hesitate and ask for your study of credit redemption on our site. A financial advisor is in charge of negotiating the offer best adapted to your needs.


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